The Columbia Club Foundation and The Columbia Club are separate entities. The purpose of The Columbia Club Foundation is to maintain the building as well as the treasured art and artifacts of The Columbia Club. Formed in 1982, The Foundation offers members and donors the ability to make tax deductible contributions without having an assessment. Presently, The Columbia Club Foundation office is located inside The Columbia Club on the 4th floor.


“To Fund Improvements for The Columbia Club Inc. building, which has been designated A National Historic Landmark By The United States Department of The Interior, and to serve as a Receptacle For Gifts Of Art, artifacts and literary items and to promote the appreciation of such items.”

Four Core Principles


Curating Timeless Treasures
The Foundation oversees the preservation of thousands of memorable art pieces and restoration of the historic Columbia Club building on Circle Center.


Preserving Our History
The Foundation celebrates The Columbia Club’s history and tradition by preserving the registered historic building and curating a vast collection of art.


Cherishing Beautiful Works
The Foundation honors magnificent works by proudly displaying them all over the Club. Guests can admire the artwork and learn about the artist. Short descriptions complete the display highlighting information about the artist and the piece of art


Showcasing Diverse Art
The Foundation collects a variety of artistic styles and mediums. Everything from extravagant beer steins to beautiful paintings are showcased in the Foundation’s collection.